The Case for Overhauling the Programmatic Process

The world of real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying is ablaze with new entrants to the market and ever-expanding return on investment (ROI) figures. However, is this industry truly in a healthy spot right now? For some of the leading voices in this sector, the answer is a resounding “no.” To help provide clarity to this argument, and potentially lay the founding for a conversation that can promote reform and improvements on this front, here’s everything you need to know about the growing movement that’s in favor of overhauling the programmatic process.

Understanding the Unrest

As Jared Belsky of Advertising Age explains, the growing argument for change rests on three key issues with the modern programmatic landscape – lack of integration, confusion, and opaque or unclear operating models. The lack of integration complaint refers to the fact that even though most of the digital marketing world shares a highly interconnected front, programmatic and RTB operations tend to stand apart. Even with the rise of native tactics as a sort of bridge between this portion of the industry and outside factors, there’s no denying that integration isn’t a strong suite of the programmatic sector.

When it comes to confusion in the ranks, you can thank the complicated nomenclature and ever-growing stable of acronyms for the hesitancy of newer media buyers and brands to enter the market. Finally, while the state of the art ad tech backing these processes seems elementary to experts like yourself, the same can’t be said for outsiders looking in at the sometimes unclear or opaque programmatic operating models.

Developing the Foundation for Reform

So what can the industry do to reform and realign the programmatic process? According to Mike Zeman of Ad Exchanger, the best way to pull off this change starts with shifting the orientation of the programmatic discussion. By repurposing the conversation, via promoting awareness of informative blogs and other conduits that remove the barrier to entry via open and honest discussions, the programmatic world can open its arms to those who see this industry as confusing or complex.

The best part of embodying this mindset is that you can help educate newer brands and clients, which in turn solidifies your stance as a prominent media buyer and industry thought leader. There’s no denying that taking on a more proactive stance in the dissemination of information amount current and potential clients isn’t just good for marketers like yourself, but for the industry as a whole as it works toward a more open and inviting stance in the digital landscape.

Joining the Conversation

Now that you’re up to speed with the movement looking to reform and improve the overall programmatic process, it’s time to join the conversation and make your voice heard. Do you think the industry is too prohibitive or complex for newer entrants? Should the focus of this reform rest on promoting informative posts and other educational materials? What do you think is the best way to make the programmatic and RTB industries more approachable? Let us know in the comment section below and by joining other industry thought leaders over on the forums.


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