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5 Innovative Mobile Marketing Techniques You Should Master

Growth hacker Pascal Clarysse (@PascalClarysse) has created a useful cheat-sheet of 5 powerful mobile marketing techniques that are working right now. Clarysse discusses interactive ads, cross-app loyalty programs and even physical tactics that can be deployed in the real world. Read more.

The 30 PPC Experts to Follow in 2015

PPC can be an immensely challenging and intellectually and financially rewarding discipline to master. However, the PPC space is incredibly competitive and sometimes mind-bogglingly complex. Lauren Lawson (@LaurenG_Lawson), PPC Strategist at White Shark Media, has compiled a list of the top 30 PPC experts to follow. The value proposition of researching these experts? Every single one of the – that’s 30 PPC experts – writes an informative blog about the discipline. Read more.

Taking On the Problem With Attribution

Steve Latham (@stevelatham) CEO at Encore Media Metrics , discusses the problems with using multitouch attribution to measure and optimize ad spend:

“Some claim attribution is flawed due to the presence of non-viewable ads in user conversion paths. Others say attribution does not prove causality and should therefore be disregarded.

My view is that these naysayers are either painting with too big of a brush or they’re missing the canvas altogether.”

Read more.

Programmatic and RTB… Same Thing, Right?

Digital strategist Manu Panizo (@manupanizo) says the terms “programmatic advertising” and “real-time bidding (RTB)” are often used interchangeably, and that most of us are afraid to ask how they are in fact different. Panizo, however, begs to differ, and sets the record straight. Read more.


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