Programmatic and RTB are Not Interchangeable and Other Stories


Programmatic and RTB are Not Interchangeable Terms…

Programmatic and RTB are not interchangeable terms, says Centro’s Ratko Vidakovic. Read more.

Bonus link: Programmatic Media Buying vs. RTB Whitepaper (link)

How Can the Online Advertising Industry Combat Fraudsters?

Fraud will continue to plague the ad industry for the foreseeable future –  the amount of dollars being siphoned to fraudsters continue to grow at the expense of publisher monetization and advertiser dissatisfaction. What are some potential solutions to prevent this from happening?

Eric Wheeler, CEO at 33Across has some ideas. Read more.

3 Ways Mobile Ad Strategies Can Go Native

According to PubNative cofounder Eddie de Guia, we tend to think of native advertising as it most often appears: in-stream social ad content or sponsored content in media publications.

However, the emergence of native ads for any mobile application or Web site has made native a far-reaching and incredibly effective tool for advertisers. Read more.


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