An Interview with Performance Marketer Charles Ngo

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Charles Ngo is a well-known performance marketer offers pointers about affiliate marketing and lessons he has learned from mobile marketing on his popular website

In this interview with RTB Forums, Charles shares his advice about how performance marketers can develop a stronger mindset, become more successful, and make more money.

“I have been a performance marketer for almost 8 years,” says Charles. “I have built a marketing team and we primarily run campaigns on Facebook and Mobile traffic sources.”

Charles is on the road in Asia, visiting Hong Kong and Singapore after attending and presenting at a successful Stack That Money conference in London in March.

While he’s successful now, Charles says it wasn’t always easy when he started out.

“In the beginning, after 14 failed campaigns, $4,000 lost, I finally created my first successful campaign. A few months later I quit my job. Within a year of discovering the internet marketing industry, I had made my first million dollars in profit.”

Sheer perseverance, Charles says, allowed him to quit his minimum-wage retail job and work at affiliate marketing full-time.

He says that while his friends were out partying and enjoying post-college life he was investing hours in front of his computer mastering every last detail of affiliate marketing.
But it’s not always about money, Charles says.

“I consider myself successful because I love what I do for a living and I am always learning and growing,” Charles says. “I also have the freedom to pursue my passions such as traveling. I can help others achieve their goals.”

With helping others in mind, Charles has launched another company called AFFcelerator.

“I started it earlier this year to provide advanced performance marketing training for people who want that extra edge,” says Charles.

When asked where opportunities are for affiliates in mobile advertising and mobile campaigns, Charles says countries such as South Africa, Malaysia and in the Middle East are hot right now.

“Most newer performance marketers tend to stick with English speaking countries,” says Charles. “But it doesn’t take much effort to translate a landing page, and you benefit from a lot less competition.”

Charles also thinks there’s opportunity in being creative and innovative with how you approach campaigns.

“I have seen too many performance marketers follow the herd when it comes to using the same angles and landing pages as everyone else,” he says. Just because everyone’s running that angle doesn’t mean it’s the best. Break out of your comfort zone and think of some unique approaches.”

Charles says he’s identified several mobile advertising strategies for conversion that affiliates are often ignoring.

“The number one rule: make sure you track and analyze all the variables,” says Charles. “For mobile I pay a lot of attention to the carriers, operating systems, and the handsets. Be sure to track the data and look for pockets of opportunity.”

The trends for mobile advertising in 2015?

“I predict there will be more and more regulations,” he says. “Performance marketers have had a lot of freedom over the past few years, and that includes me. There’s going to be more rules to follow from traffic sources and affiliate networks.”
The big takeaway?

“Affiliate marketers must adapt or die,” says Charles. “Don’t complain about the new rules or regulations. Instead, think about how you can adapt your campaigns and still achieve or exceed their goals.”

Charles Ngo shares advice on his blog about developing a stronger mindset, motivation, fitness, and traveling. His website is


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