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Here’s another update about what the RTB is talking about right now.

5 Reasons to Run Mobile Native Advertising Today

Rapid advances in technology, mobile devices, and changes in online consumer behavior have resulted in massive changes in digital marketing. The latest buzzword floating around marketing departments is native advertising. Though most marketers are aware of native ads, not all understand what it is or how valuable it can be. RTB powerhouse Go2mobi (@go2mobi) explains.

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4 Critical Mistakes that Limit the Impact of Mobile On Your Whole Business

According to Forrester’s December 2014 report “Mobile is not a Channel”, most businesses are still executing in mobile as if it’s simply a scaled-down view of the Web — and failing to leverage mobile in new and more effective ways. Urban Airship (@urbanairship) explains how this may be hurting your business.

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3 steps to build long-term customer relationships with mobile

How can you use mobile to achieve comprehensive, solid relationships that keeps customers coming back again and again, year over year? Moblico’s Pierre Barbeau (@moblico) explains.

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AdYouLike’s Summer Programmatic Update

AdTech company and native advertising leader AdYouLike (@Adyoulike) has a great blog post that sums up the state of progammatic advertising.

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